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Welcome to our school website. We are a friendly, ambitious and inclusive school where children always come first. We hope you find all the information you require. Please contact the school office if you need further information or guidance.

PSHE and Citizenship

Personal, Social and Health Education


At Belle Vale we believe that Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship promotes pupil's spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences that life brings. PSHE underpins all subject areas in our school for our children to become happy, successful and confident adults.


PSHE in school


PSHE enables children to learn about themselves as developing individuals and members of their community. This starts in EYFS with Personal, Social and Emotional Development and continues throughout our school.  


Children are taught in a range of different ways:

  • Discreet lessons
  • Across other subject areas e.g healthy lifestyles in Science and PE/ empathy in Literacy or History
  • Circle time - discussing issues, sharing viewpoints and respecting feelings of others
  • In a small group or on an individual basis



Children will learn skills for keeping themselves safe and healthy and behaving well. Children are encouraged to take some responsibility for themselves and their environment.  


Through our teaching of PSHE we aim to develop children's self-esteem as well as their appreciation of the views, opinions and cultures of other people. They will begin to learn about their feelings and the feelings of others, their views matter and the rights of others.  Children will learn to share, take turns, play, help others and resolve simple arguments and resist bullying.  


They will begin to take an active part in the life of their school and its neighbourhood.  Children get to discuss what they like or dislike, what is right and wrong, what is fair and unfair.


In Key Stage 2 children become more independent, mature and self-confident. They discuss social justice and moral responsibility.  As they develop into young adults, children face the changes of puberty and transfer to secondary school with the help and encouragement of our school.


In school we have thinking themes and we use these in assemblies and classroom discussions.