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Belle Vale Community Primary School

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Welcome to our school website. We are a friendly, ambitious and inclusive school where children always come first. We hope you find all the information you require. Please contact the school office if you need further information or guidance.

Admission Arrangements

At Belle Vale Primary School, we follow the local authority admissions procedure. Admissions can be submitted to the Liverpool City Council Primary Admissions website to be found at


This site can also be used for secondary school applications for year 6 children.


If the school is oversubscribed, where places exceed the admission number, children will be allocated places in the following priority order:


Priority 1


Children in the care of the Local Authority.


Priority 2


Children or families with exceptional medical or social needs.


Priority 3


Children who have a brother or sister on roll at the school in Reception to Year 6 at the time of the proposed admission.


Priority 4


All other applicants whose parents have expressed a preference for the school.


If there are more applicants for places than there are places available in Priorities 1 to 4, distances from the child’s permanent home address to the school will be used to decide which children are admitted. The distance will be measured over the shortest suitable walking route between home and school using the City Council’s computerised measuring system.


In-year admissions for Reception are managed by Liverpool City Council Primary Admissions until December 31st. From January, in Reception through to Year 6, in year transitions are managed by the school. Parents who wish to have a tour of the school or make enquiries are asked to contact the school directly.

0151 487 8571