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Today we are having a Screen Away Day.


As we are currently in Children's Mental Health Awareness Week, we are going to complete a whole day away from the screen. We are spending a lot of time in front of screens at the moment and this can take a toll on our mental health. Today's activities are either worksheets from our work packs or other activities.


1) Arithmetic - Spring Workout 1


2) Maths - The 8 Times Table


3) Comprehension - The Tyger (work pack)


4) English - Write a character description of our robot friend Roz. Describe her appearance, so what she is made out of, what her body looks like using plenty of description including adjectives and similes. Then, describe her personality for example she is very courageous, kind and caring, some would say she is very unlike other robots.


5) Music - In preparation for our music lesson on Friday, be as creative as you can and make your own instrument! Using (clean) items from your recycling, fill them with dried beans or rice to create an instrument. Decorate them to make your instrument unique!


6) PE - Go for a walk in your local area and I would like you to take the time to look at the nature around you. Can you see any plants and work out at what point in the life cycle they are at? It has been the RSBP Big Bird Watch this week, can you spot and identify any birds?


7) Reading - Get comfy, choose a book and read!


8) Mr Mc's Challenge - Build your own assault course!