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Attendance this week was 96.8%. Our target is 97%. Be in school every day to progress in every way!

Year 6: Palacio Class

Hello and Welcome to Year 6!

-Miss Shaw & Mr Price-

Welcome back to all our children who, we are extremely pleased to announce, have returned to school with exceptionally enthusiastic and positive attitudes towards the coming year.



We have very high expectations of all children in their learning, attitudes and behaviour. All children must meet these expectations as set out in accordance with our school behaviour policy (see links below).

In addition to this, all children will be expected to adhere to our ‘choices and consequences’ chart which reminds children of the behaviours we expect from them when in school. There is really no time to waste on our learning journey this year to being the very best that we can be...



Reading is expected to be done by all children each night, and we ask that their reading diaries are signed and returned to school the following day so that we can ensure children are reading outside of the classroom. If a child chooses to read a different text other than their school reading book at home, this is absolutely fine; we encourage children to read for pleasure! However, please note that the school reading book they take home is tailored to your child, helping you to support and develop fluency and confidence when your child reads to you.



Homework is due in every Tuesday unless otherwise stated. Details of homework and what children are expected to be doing at home is outlined in the homework document link below.



Our P.E days are Wednesday and children are expected to have a correct P.E kit in school on these days. Their P.E kits must consist of a white t-shirt, navy shorts and black pumps. If you would like a Belle Vale embroidered P.E kit, you can purchase these at the school office. 



Additionally, in Year 6, we have swimming sessions each Thursday and children will require a swimming kit, towel and swimming caps (if your child has long hair). Goggles can be worn, although the children are encouraged to try to swim without these. These swimming sessions may continue throughout the Spring term to ensure that children can swim a minimum of 25metres.

Although jewellery must not be worn in school, we understand some children may have small stud earrings in. Any earrings must be removed before the children enter the pool. If the child can’t remove their own earrings, they will be unable to swim that week because adults will not remove them for them.


Dinner money/Snack money

Fruit is on sale every morning on the KS2 yard at 20p per item.

Mrs Loyden’s famous school dinners are priced at £2.00 per day, or £10.00 for a full week.


Support Staff

Finally, we are very lucky to have Mrs Carlisle working alongside us again throughout this year and together we are fully committed to driving our high expectations and maintaining our children's enthusiasm!


We would like to remind parents and carers that we are always available to speak to if you have any concerns or worries, although should you require longer meetings we would kindly ask that we meet by appointment so that we don't take away from the children's time with teachers.


Thank you in advance to our parents for your continued support with our high expectations of behaviour and attitudes, and we look forward to a very positive and successful year!


Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Keep up to date with our learning journey throughout the term by following our class page on Twitter @MissShawBVP and @MrPriceY5


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