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Belle Vale Community Primary School

'Learning Together, Being Our Best'

Our School Attendance Target is 97%. Be in School Every Day to Progress in Every Way!

Certificates and Prize Giving July 2013

At Belle Vale we know the vital importance of good attendance and punctuality, behaviour and progress in English and maths, but we also want to reward a wide range of achievement in other areas.

We selected special award winners for each class in July to recognise achievement in the following categories: Lover of Learning, Amazing Artist, Bookworm, Computer Wizard, Mathemagician, Perfect Presentation , Good Sportsmanship and our personal favourite, 'A Friend Indeed'.

Congratulations and very well done to all the children who were chosen. We are very proud that you are 'Being Your Best' in lots of different ways.

Picture 1 100% Attendance all year!
Picture 2 Good Behaviour
Picture 3 Excellent Behaviour - Bronze Award
Picture 4 Excellent Behaviour - Gold Award
Picture 5 Excellent Behaviour - Gold Award Y1
Picture 6 A Friend Indeed Award
Picture 7 On Time Awards
Picture 8 On Time Awards
Picture 9 On Time Awards
Picture 10 On Time Awards
Picture 11 On Time Awards
Picture 12 On Time Awards
Picture 13 Y6 Swimmers
Picture 14 Excellent Behaviour - Silver Award
Picture 15 Excellent Behaviour - Gold Award Y5
Picture 16 Excellent Behaviour - Gold Award Y4
Picture 17 Excellent Behaviour - Gold Award Y3
Picture 18 Excellent Behaviour - Gold Award Y2
Picture 19 Y3 Swimmers
Picture 20 Good Sportsmanship Award
Picture 21 Most Improved Attendance Award
Picture 22 Mathemagicans
Picture 23 Computer Wizards
Picture 24 Bookworms
Picture 25 Perfect Presentation Award
Picture 26 Lover of Learning Award